We are a non-profit organization, established in 2013 as DAYA BHARTI SEVA SANSTHAN. Considering first the state of Bihar, DAYA BHARTI SEVA SANSTHAN is working through awareness programs and training centers for illiterate women, men and children to make them literate so that they can get their rights, and to build a better environment and women’s empowerment. They develop this practice and to which it can be empowered to develop livelihood resources, underprivileged women, men and children to improve in every area of life.
Vision is important to get the result of the work in the fields- The first result provides a great satisfaction towards the work. And the other for which organization has been formed with the aim is growing up in the same direction constantly that’s why. “DAYA BHARTI SEVA SANSTHAN” is expanded over all geographical and social area read more..




Hamara Aangan is our key project for women empowerment. It ensures women’s economic freedom to fulfill their needs. It is helpful for needy women of our society and make them self-dependent with respect to earning money. Our key objective is to ensure women empowerment through this program and make them self-dependent by the means of earning money. To full fill this we provide proper training to them through our different Skill Development programs.


As we know only literate people can make a healthy society, Kalpana is a step towards the same. Kalpana is our key project to increase literacy in our society & support literacy mission. Through this program, we provide education to underprivileged child & weaker section of society. Kalpana is designed for underprivileged children & people of our society. It is helpful to make people literate & self-confident. We provide basic education to Children & Illiterate People. In Kalpana our mission is to educate every people of our country and make them literate so that they did not need to make a thumb impression in signature box.


All we know that Health is Wealth and our Program Madhur Muskan is dedicated for the same. Our key focus is to make people aware of different Diseases, Accidents & Natural Calamities. We focus on First Aid with respect to Fire Safety, Road Accidents, Earth Quake, Flood, Seasonal and Chronicle Diseass. Our key objective is to educated people about different diseases, first aid on different type of accidents, fire, flood and viral diseases. To fulfill this we make them aware of cleanliness and safety tips. Our Mission is Swaksh Bharat Swasth Bharat Apna Bharat.


Hamari Shakti is targeted to making people employable. In this we provide training to needy people so that they can start earning money by the means of job or self-employment. Our key objective is to make every people self-dependent. It can be possible only if every people is employed. For which we provide such training so that they can get a job or start a business of own.