Chairman’s Message

Rajeev Kumar

I joy of getting economic and social approach to backward community in empowering the grassroots to find success. Community training center for the development of common classes and develop their skills through awareness programs to make them self- dependent being created.

They can get your rights and your can better environment for which those uneducated women, men and children being literate. DAYA BHARTI SEVA SANSTHAN efforts the society of needy women, men and children are getting proper representation.

DAYA BHARTI SEVA SANSTHAN was the start of work objectives. Then only 5 women trained by the training program. Today that number is in the hundreds for which we give thanks so much all those colleagues who have come forward to provide support in the work of the Organization. It’s hundreds of thousands may also need to assist all of us and more.

Finally we give thanks to those, Objectives of the Organization the success Summit in our every step given with. It was so no easy. It is possible, all the members, donors, partners, Youth Club, which meets every possible support by parents.